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Learn English

We offer a variety of language programs for immigrants to Nova Scotia

In 2018, ISANS provided language services to 1,783 clients in over 20 specialized programs and 80 active classes.

ISANS recognizes that the barriers to program access are as unique as our clients. We serve the individual needs of newcomers by providing language services alongside settlement, employment, community integration, and support services.

This year, we created four new programs, including the Language Learning Centre and NorQuest pilot—a program that integrates language preparation for common certifications (i.e. First Aid, WHMIS) with Essential Skills, to better prepare newcomers for Canadian workplaces.

We also created two new pilot programs, the Infant and Parent language class, and the Professional Drivers language and employment program. The Infant and Parent language class ensures that parents can access language programs they may not otherwise be able to access due to childcare needs. The Professional Drivers language and employment program supports the employment aspirations of clients while filling labour market needs. This program offers employment support while individuals access language classes to support their integration in the field, building off the success of programs like English in the Workplace that continues to be viewed as a best practice across Canada.

Participants in language programs
Unique clients served
Clients on-site in classes (day/evening)
Increase in Language Service clients89%
Increase in online clients52%
Increase in English in the Workplace classes90%
Increase in outreach clients24%

Yukang (Patrick) Peng

Thank you for teaching us Chinese. You are a great professor and we had great fun learning!” That’s one of several compliments that Yukang (Patrick) Peng received on a thank-you card from Chinese-language students at Mount Saint Vincent University this spring. Patrick has been teaching Chinese as a second language to beginner and intermediate students since September 2017, having designed the courses himself. His students include native-born Canadians who want to work or travel in China, as well students from Chinese families wanting to improve their language skills.

Patrick and his wife, Wenjie (Grace) Guo, came to Halifax in 2016, along with their son Yifan (Beta) Peng, now nine. Patrick commends his wife for preparing the initial application. “She opened our family’s door to Canada,” he says. “She made a lot of effort, and gave me great encouragement and support. I am a lucky person.” Life in China was stable as he’d earned his PhD in Chinese Philology, and taught for 10 years in Chinese universities. “But we wanted to change our lives and were looking for immigration opportunities.”

They participated in ISANS’ Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) program before leaving home. Once here, they met with an employment specialist, who Patrick says is “like family.” They took workshops on employment strategy, how to look for employment, and how to write a resume and cover letter. “The language is a challenge to me. That workshop provided a lot of information and resources. We learned where and how to apply step by step.”

“The instructor designed a course especially for me. We worked one-on-one in the library. It helped a lot.”

Patrick also took online courses called Workplace Writing and Clear Speaking, and enrolled in English in the Workplace when he started teaching. “The instructor designed a course especially for me. We worked one-on-one in the library. It helped a lot.” Grace’s proficiency in English was good because of experience in an international company. She once volunteered at Pier 21 and now works full time at an IT company. Shortly after their arrival, the couple bought a convenience store in Bedford that they ran until selling it last year. Operating a business was new to them, so they looked to ISANS for assistance with management and financial issues. “At the beginning, the store provided a living for us. Everything worked smoothly with ISANS help.”

They lived downtown but then bought a house in Bedford, in a diverse neighbourhood with “open-minded” neighbours. Beta is in grade three and doing well after an initial challenge with his English. Patrick says they are impressed with Canada. “We love how Canadians express their feelings with Canada Day events. We were moved.”

Patrick believes he’ll have more teaching opportunities because of Nova Scotia’s relationship with China and because of increasing numbers of Chinese newcomers here. “Their children need to learn their first language.” This summer he looks forward to swimming, basketball and football—and, working on his English. They miss family and friends and returned to China for a visit last summer. And while there, they missed Halifax. “Everything has two sides, like a coin. We love it here.”

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